Ulzzang, a term derived from the Korean phrase meaning “best face,” refers to a popular trend in South Korea that revolves around achieving a specific aesthetic beauty standard. The concept of ulzzang took root in the early 2000s and quickly gained traction due to the rise of social media platforms that allowed individuals to showcase their meticulously curated looks. Today, ulzzang continues to hold great significance, with influencers and enthusiasts alike constantly embracing new beauty techniques and sharing them with a global audience.

As individuals strive to attain the ulzzang look, skincare routines have become an integral part of their daily lives. With the increased exposure to various skincare products and techniques, people are not only investing in their appearance but also actively participating in self-care. This emphasis on skincare serves as a relatable solution for those looking to improve their complexion and maintain a youthful appearance.

Moreover, the popularity of ulzzang culture has led to the booming growth of the beauty industry in South Korea. According to statistics, the country is now one of the leading global exporters of cosmetic products, with an estimated market value of over $13 billion. This compelling statistic demonstrates the significant impact ulzzang has had on the economy, as the trend continues to shape consumer preferences and drive innovation within the beauty sector.

Additionally, ulzzang enthusiasts strive to capture the perfect selfie, resulting in a surge in demand for smartphones with high-quality cameras. Today’s smartphones cater specifically to this need, offering advanced front-facing cameras equipped with various beauty filters and editing options. This engaging element of technological advancement not only enables individuals to capture their ideal self-image but also reinforces the ulzzang culture’s influence on modern society’s perception of beauty.

Ulzzang has also sparked a body-positive movement, encouraging people to embrace and love their unique physical features. While the trend initially revolved around flawless facial features, it has evolved to celebrate different body shapes and sizes. By promoting inclusivity, ulzzang spreads an empowering message that everyone can feel beautiful and confident, regardless of society’s predefined standards.

In conclusion, ulzzang has become a prominent phenomenon in South Korea and beyond, reaching new heights with each passing year. The trend’s historical significance, coupled with its current influence on beauty routines, economic growth, and technological advancements, showcases the wider impact of ulzzang culture. As individuals strive to achieve the ulzzang look and celebrate diverse forms of beauty, this trend continues to shape the way we perceive and appreciate aesthetics in the modern world.

What is Ulzzang? A Comprehensive Guide to the Korean Beauty Phenomenon

Are you curious to know what ulzzang means and why it has become such a popular beauty trend in Korea? Look no further! In this article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of ulzzang and delve into its origins, key features, and the impact it has had on the beauty industry. From its rise through social media platforms to the techniques used to achieve the ulzzang look, we have got you covered. So, let us walk you through this fascinating Korean beauty phenomenon!

The Answer to Ulzzang: What You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of Korean pop culture, you’ve probably come across the term ‘ulzzang’ at some point. Ulzzang, meaning ‘best face’ in Korean, refers to individuals, mostly young men and women, who have gained popularity for their attractive appearance and fashion sense. This trend has become a significant part of the K-beauty and K-fashion scene, with ulzzangs commanding a substantial following on social media platforms.

Origins and Evolution

The ulzzang culture originated in South Korea around the early 2000s. It began as an online trend where people would upload their photos to various websites and communities, seeking validation and recognition for their looks. Over time, the ulzzang concept became more defined, focusing not only on physical attractiveness but also on overall style and charisma.

Ulzzangs usually have specific characteristics that are considered desirable in Korean society, such as clear and fair skin, large eyes, a v-shaped face, and a slender body. However, the standards of beauty and fashion have evolved over the years, and there is now more diversity in the ulzzang community.

Becoming an Ulzzang

Becoming an ulzzang is not something that happens overnight. It requires dedication to personal grooming, fashion, and maintaining a strong online presence. Many aspiring ulzzangs take inspiration from their favorite celebrities or influencers, studying their style and beauty routines to achieve similar looks.

Skincare is a crucial aspect of the ulzzang routine. Achieving flawless skin is considered a primary goal, and many ulzzangs follow a multi-step skincare routine, including cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen. They also pay close attention to their diet and lifestyle choices to maintain healthy-looking skin.

In terms of fashion, ulzzangs experiment with different styles to develop their unique aesthetic. They often mix and match various pieces of clothing and accessories to create trendy and eye-catching outfits. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends and brands is essential for ulzzangs to stay relevant.

The Rise of Social Media

Social media platforms have played a significant role in the popularity of ulzzangs. Websites like Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter have become the main channels for ulzzangs to share their photos and connect with their fans. By consistently posting high-quality images, showcasing their fashion sense and creativity, ulzzangs attract followers and gain recognition in the online community.

Ulzzangs are often seen as trendsetters, influencing the fashion and beauty choices of their followers. The ability to create a personal brand through social media has opened up opportunities for ulzzangs to collaborate with fashion and beauty brands, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Ulzzang Culture Beyond Korea

The popularity of ulzzang culture has spread beyond Korea’s borders. In countries like China and Japan, there are also thriving ulzzang communities with their unique styles and trends. The influence of ulzzangs can now be seen worldwide, with beauty and fashion enthusiasts adopting elements of the ulzzang aesthetic in their own looks.

Ulzzangs have also become ambassadors for Korean beauty and fashion brands, promoting their products and showcasing their effectiveness through their personal experiences. This has contributed to the global growth of the Korean beauty industry, which continues to expand year after year.

A Growing Phenomenon

The ulzzang trend shows no signs of slowing down. As of 2021, the hashtag #ulzzang has over 14 million posts on Instagram, demonstrating its massive popularity and the enormous impact of ulzzangs on social media platforms.

With their influence, dedication to self-care, and keen sense of fashion, ulzzangs have become icons in the world of beauty and style, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their unique features and express themselves confidently.

Ulzzang culture continues to evolve, reflecting the ever-changing standards of beauty and fashion. Whether you’re an ulzzang enthusiast or simply curious about the latest trends, it’s clear that ulzzangs have made a lasting impression on the global stage.

Statistic: The hashtag #ulzzang has over 14 million posts on Instagram as of 2021.

Ulzzang FAQ

1. What is Ulzzang?

Ulzzang is a Korean term meaning “best face” or “good looking.” It refers to individuals, often young, who gain popularity for their attractive appearance on social media platforms.

2. How can I become an Ulzzang?

Becoming an Ulzzang involves having natural beauty and being photogenic. Key factors include taking good care of your skin, having a unique style, and posing well for photographs.

3. Are Ulzzangs only found in Korea?

No, Ulzzangs can be found all over the world. Although the trend originated in South Korea, with the rise of social media, anyone can gain Ulzzang status by sharing their photos online.

4. Do I need to be a certain age to be an Ulzzang?

No, Ulzzangs can belong to any age group. While many Ulzzangs are young, there are also older individuals who gain popularity for their beauty and fashion sense.

5. What are the common beauty trends among Ulzzangs?

Some common beauty trends among Ulzzangs include dewy skin, straight brows, gradient lips, and soft pastel makeup. However, trends can change over time, and individual Ulzzangs may have their own unique styles.

6. Can I use makeup to enhance my appearance to become an Ulzzang?

Yes, makeup can be used to enhance your features and achieve the Ulzzang look. However, it is important to embrace your own natural beauty and not rely solely on makeup.

7. Are there any fashion styles associated with being an Ulzzang?

Ulzzangs are often known for their trendy fashion sense. Some common styles include oversized clothing, streetwear, cute dresses, and accessorizing with hats, bags, or glasses.

8. How important is social media for Ulzzangs?

Social media plays a significant role in the Ulzzang culture. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are used by Ulzzangs to share their photos, gain followers, and connect with other individuals in the community.

9. Can anyone become a popular Ulzzang?

Yes, anyone has the potential to become a popular Ulzzang. However, it depends on several factors such as attractiveness, style, photography skills, and how well you engage with your audience.

10. Are there any Ulzzang influencers I can follow?

Yes, there are numerous Ulzzang influencers you can follow on social media platforms. Some popular Ulzzang influencers include Ssongvatar, Do Bae, Ho Yuju, and Kim Sujeong.


In conclusion, ulzzang is a popular trend in South Korea that has gained international attention through social media platforms. It revolves around the concept of achieving an idealized beauty through a combination of makeup, fashion, and photography techniques. Ulzzang influencers play a significant role in promoting this trend and have amassed a large following online.

The key points covered in this article highlight the origins of ulzzang culture in South Korea, its influence on beauty standards, and the role of social media in its global dissemination. Ulzzang’s emphasis on flawless skin, large eyes, and a youthful appearance reflects the beauty standards deeply ingrained in Korean society. Additionally, the article explores the impact of ulzzang influencers who have transformed this trend into a lucrative business opportunity, collaborating with brands and promoting beauty products.

Ulzzang’s rise in popularity can be attributed to its aspirational nature, as it allows individuals to express their creativity and desire for a perfect aesthetic. However, it is essential to recognize that ulzzang culture has also faced criticism for its potential to reinforce unrealistic beauty standards and promote excessive consumption. Despite these concerns, ulzzang continues to captivate audiences worldwide and serves as a fascinating reflection of contemporary beauty ideals and the power of social media in shaping them.

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